Workforce - Availability, Skills & Cost

The Greenville-Washington Combined Statistical Area (GWCSA), comprised of Beaufort and Pitt Counties, boasts a population of over 220,000 with a workforce of over 109,000.

Quick Statistics

  • Population - 2019: 227,736 (9th in North Carolina)
  • Workforce - May 2021: 109,888
  • Employed - May 2021: 104,937
  • Unemployed - May 2021: 4,951
  • Unemployment Rate May 2021: 4.5%
  • Manufacturing Employment: 8,813
  • Major Manufacturers (More Than 100 Employers): 23
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Greenville-Washington Combined Statistical Area Wages Rates by Occupational Group

Occupational Group
Employees Surveyed
Estimated Entry Wage
Estimated Average Wage
Estimated Experienced Wage
Total All Occupations91,790$8.98$19.64$24.96
Business and Financial Operations2,660$18.37$29.79$35.47
Computer and Mathematical920$18.91$28.02$32.31
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical8,450$17.93$32.27$38.98
Healthcare Support5,050$8.30$12.18$14.16
Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance2,900$8.35$11.81$13.57
Sales and Related9,520$8.23$15.40$18.99
Office and Administrative Support14,560$8.62$15.04$17.79
Construction and Extraction2,900$11.57$17.59$20.59
Installation, Maintenance, and Repair3,880$12.87$20.83$24.21
Transportation and Material Moving4,460$8.68$13.47$15.58