Care Management for At-Risk Children

CC4C is a free and voluntary program that helps families find and use community services. The program:

  • Connects families with services
  • Supports children in reaching their developmental potential
  • Helps ensure that children are raised in healthy, safe and nurturing environments

Children birth to age five who are at risk for developmental delay or disability, long-term illness and/or social and emotional disorders may be eligible for the program.

Care Managers

CC4C care managers can help families by:

  • Discussing family strengths and concerns through home visits, telephone calls and other personal contacts
  • Finding medical care, transportation, and childcare resources
  • Identifying programs, services, and resources that meet the family's needs
  • Serving as a link between the parent and child's doctor or nurse
  • Identifying ways to strengthen parent-child relationships
  • Offering encouragement and support